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My Road to Salvation

As a young child I was very shy. When I entered my teenage years I had a hard time making friends and felt like I did not belong. During highschool my thoughts turned to girls. I wanted to have a girlfriend like everyone else but I could not talk to them and felt like they wanted nothing to do with me. I became very lonely and fell into a deep depression. Often I would spend hours in my room staring at the ceiling or with my head buried in the pillows wondering to myself why I was ever born.

One night
my feelings of lonliness and despair overcame me and I reached out to the one friend I did have at the time. He answered the phone and as I began to talk, he interrupted me and asked if he could call me back the next day because he was busy. After hanging up the phone I realized something. I could not depend on my family or friends to get over my lonliness. I could not depend on them to be there for me every time I needed something or someone to talk to.

At that moment I turned to God and prayed, " God I don't know what to do. I don't have the answers, I give up. I'm putting my life in your hands."

That was the day I gave my life to Jesus. I'd like to say that things turned around for me right away, but they didn't. In fact over the last 12 years God has patiently molded me into his child. Through many heartaches - marital problems, medical problems, miscarriage, death of loved ones - God has taken my stubborness, my sadness, my anger, my lack of patience and my lack of faith and He has replaced it with love, peace, joy and happiness. Over the last two years in particular, I have faced many struggles. But in those two years I have faced them with Jesus. He takes the hurt and pain and tells me, "Have faith, I will use it for good, I will comfort you."

How has Jesus changed my life? Today I have a hunger for Jesus, I want to tell everyone about Him, I want everyone to experience His love, I want Him to be with me every waking moment of my day. In one sentence, God has taken the heart of a lonely sinner and replaced it with the love of Jesus!

About RTS

This site was made in order that my friends and family who have not placed thier faith in Jesus may have the chance to hear what Jesus has done in my life, how He has changed my life and how He can change their lives. In many instances my friends and family have wondered if I am for real, if I really believe in Jesus, has my life really been changed, what is he all about. I am here to tell you that Jesus is very real, he has made a very real impact in my life and He can do the same for you. This site is geared for non believers and new believers looking for answers about Jesus. I myself do not have many answers, but Jesus does if you put your trust in Him. My time with Jesus has been a journey and I wish to share what I have learned so that others may join me on the road to salvation.