About Road to Salvation

This site was made in order that my friends, family and others who have not placed their faith in Jesus may have the chance to hear what Jesus has done in my life, how He has changed my life and how He can change their lives. I am here to tell you that Jesus is very real, he has made a very real impact in my life and He can do the same for you. God has helped me with overcoming depression, struggles with trying to conceive children, relationship conflicts and so much more. Through these struggles God has blessed me in ways that I never imagined could happen and brought me closer to Him.

This site is geared for non believers and new believers alike looking for answers about Jesus. I myself do not have many answers, but Jesus does if you put your trust in Him. My time with Jesus has been a journey of trials, miracles and blessings and I wish to share what I have learned so that others may join me on the Road to Salvation.